high hurdles

High Hurdles, LLC

Providing the Strategy and Business Development Services You Need To Clear the Barriers to Venture Success

Ensure You Have Access to Proven Development and Commercialization Methodologies

  • Today's Venture Environment Gives You Just One Chance

    - Is your business model compelling and supported by a sound development and commercialization plan?

    - What should be the immediate focal activities of your organization?

    - What value inflection event(s) will secure outside or additional funding?

    - How can you gain rapid commercial product validation by customers?

    - Are you taking the right steps to maximize the value of your venture?

    - How much money will it take to reach the breakeven point?

  • We Drive Focus on the Critical Questions and Issues You Face

    - Identify and understand key opportunities & timelines

    - Invest efficiently in technology and product development by working on the things that matter

    - Set and reach milestones and goals that are meaningful and important

    - Find and select early adopter customers

    - Adopt the business model that delivers maximum value

    - Shorten time to revenue and commercial acceptance